Sneaker- adidas Crazy 8

When adidas signed a 17 year old rookie straight out of high school, they were banking on him having a long and successful career. They were right.

Instead of talking about the details of the shoes and the player who first wore them (as we normally do), we’ve decided it would be more fun to look at 8 crazy plays from the ’90s.

These aren’t necessarily the best plays, but the craziest.

Jordan’s layup against the Lakers in the ’91 Finals.

Rex Chapman’s buzzer beater.

Nick Van Excel beats Boston with last shot in the Boston Garden.

Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 9 seconds to beat the Knicks in the playoffs.

Scottie Pippen’s dunk over Patrick Ewing.

Shaq shatters backboard against the Nets.

Jeff Van Gundy trying to stop a fight between Alonzo Morning and Larry Johnson.

Jordan’s final shot as a Bull.


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