Return of the Nike Air Veer


For fans of the pigskin sport, the Gregorian calendar is broken up into two categories: football season and football off-season. The in-season is filled with all of the happenings that 26 weeks of football action brings, while the other 26 weeks are spent talking about the more fun-filled 26.

As a way of filling in the gaps, Nike has done a fairly decent job, to say the least, of stepping in to deliver some of the classic retro turf sneakers when the gridiron used to be carpeted. If the Nike Air Max Speed Turfs somehow managed to evade you, and the Nike Zoom Turf Jets juked their way out of your grasp, all hope is not yet lost.

Next up in the Nike retro turf kick line is the Nike Air Veer. Following in the footsteps of its re-released predecessors, the Air Veer features a contrasting crossfoot strap over a tonal base upper. 

Black with a white strap and white with a red strap are the two colorways that will kick off the much-anticipated return of the Air Veer, and if history is any indication of what’s to come, we can very well expect for even more colorways to drop in the coming months.

With another installment on the Nike turf sneaker line on its way, does this spell another turf kick being somewhere down the line? We’ll have to wait and see, but our guess is Nike won’t drop the ball on this trend.