Retro Corner


When it comes to brands that continually supply sneaker lovers with great retros that remind us of “the good ol’ days”, but at the same time are inline with the current styles, adidas has to be at the top of the list. High tops have been making a huge comeback lately, particularly from adidas with their new models such as the adidas Originals AR 2.0.

One shoe in particular that we would be greatly appreciative of a comeback would be the adidas El Dorado, but more specifically the “Run DMC” colorway. Although adidas has released this shoe three times in retro versions, they have yet to rerelease the original colorway that dropped back in ’86, you remember, the ones Run DMC were rocking in that commercial with the helicopter. Well, if you don’t remember, Google them because this shoe is down right ill. The high top design with the bulky collar complimented the black and white color scheme very well, and the red accents hinted throughout the shoe gave it the perfect finishing touch.

The adidas Superstar 80’s x Run DMC shoe was a huge success last year, and we believe the adidas El Dorado would be too if adidas decided to bless us with them.