Remember When…



Ah the 70’s; it was a time of disco, pork chop side burns, and space exploration. Needless to say they were good times, no, they were great times. It was a time when you could stroll down to the bodega in your bell bottomed polyester pants, half way buttoned up silk shirt, and gold medallion swinging from side to side. It was a decade of style, a style that reflected confidence, creativity, and without a doubt, flamboyancy. In case you weren’t around back then, nobody embodied this style better than Walt Frazier. He was one cool cat, and a trendsetter by definition. It’s no wonder why his signature shoe, the Puma Clyde, became a fashion statement in and of itself during the 70’s.

Sure the Puma Clyde was a basketball shoe, but it was much more than just a basketball shoe. The general public loved them, and anybody who was anybody were rocking a pair of Clydes in the mid 70’s. Walt wore them on the court, but you could catch him before or after the game in his bespoke suit, wide brimmed hat, and nothing other than his signature sneaks. Everybody wanted to be like Walt, and his style was emulated by all of the fashion forward gurus of the time. The Clyde started the trend of rocking sneakers with suits, way before Nike dropped the Air Force 1.

The Clyde fit in with the 70’s so well, but it was also in many ways ahead of its time. Where performance shoes had typically only been worn for performance purposes, the Clyde was a performance shoe but adopted for casual wear as well. To this day, the Puma Clyde is highly coveted by fashion gurus and sneakerheads alike, and will forever remain a classic and timeless shoe.