Remember When…


As new technologies are developed in the footwear industry, athletes shelve their old pairs and lace up for something a little more technical. However, older models are not always put on the back burner, and some of them are adopted into casual footwear fashion. The Nike Blazer was one of Nike’s first performance basketball models, but we don’t see anyone hooping in them today. However, the shoe has earned its place as one of the most stylish models of the last couple of decades, and its on court performance characteristics translated well to casual fashion.

Geoff Petrie and George “Ice Man” Gervin were the first to sport the Nike Blazer on the hardwood in 1973, but the shoes were soon to be seen off the court as well. They were offered in both high top as well as low top models, with various color schemes and materials such as leather, canvas, and suede. The Blazer had a sleek and unassuming profile that made it great for casual wear, and the plethora of color options and materials gave people many options to express their individuality.

Similarly to the Nike Dunk, the Blazer also was adopted into the skateboarding culture. The low profile sole that was designed for the basketball court made for a great board feel as well, and the durability of the shoes ensured that skaters would not have to go through a new pair every session. Nike eventually picked up on this, as they did the Dunk, and Blazer SB’s were added to Nike’s skateboarding arsenal as well.

Since it was first released in 1973, the Nike Blazer has proven to be one of the most popular Nike models of all time. It’s iconic design that was intended for the basketball court translated perfectly for everyday wear, and ensured the Blazer’s status of a timeless Nike shoe.