Reebok Goes All-Terrain


The all-terrain vehicle is now an all-terrain cross-trainer. Call it a crazy transformation, but Reebok figures they’re up to the task with their new eye-catching model, the Reebok ATV 19+.

For about 90% of the terrain on the planet, it’s safe to say that there’s a shoe out there that’s specially designed and down for the cause. The other 10% is the uncharted road less traveled; where the ATV 19+ is looking to step in and excel.

It’s not a basketball shoe, running shoe, or a cross-training shoe. It’s an everything shoe, and for an MMA fighter like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, his preparation requires him to do a little bit of everything, in a sneaker that’s a little “no-holds-barred”.

Mostly covered in nubuck, with mesh vents strategically placed in key spots, the upper is slightly unusual but nothing too crazy. Obviously the drawing point isn’t the upper; it’s the outsole that literally sticks out.

19 pods jut out from the sole to make up the bottom of the shoe, going in various directions, to provide total balance control. Given the formation of the sole pods, the open space in between makes running on rocks, water and pretty much any surface a non-factor.

Aesthetically, the Reebok ATV 19+ is out there, but from a functional standpoint, it’s right where it needs to be, and in prime position for a workout or training regimen that goes a little off-course. It’s sure to turn heads, but what do you care? You’re off where no one and their regular shoes dare to venture anyway.