Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 — Coming Soon


In 2010, Reebok began its partnership with CrossFit and delivered the Nano for the first time to CrossFitters everywhere. The new Reebok Nano 5.0 will release June 25 in three men’s colors at Finish Line and has certainly kept pace in the ever evolving sport.

Ask any CrossFit athlete who has spent time working out and doing WODs, and most would nod in agreement that the sport continues to ask more and more of its athletes. This year’s CrossFit Open required muscle-ups to begin a workout, hand stand push-ups, and a 1-rep max clean & jerk for the first time in open competition. With the increased demands, Reebok has been challenged with a task to create a shoe the supports all the demands athletes are asking of their shoes these days.

Thanks to our friends at Reebok, we were able to get a chance to try out the new Nano 5.0 ahead of the launch. Constructed with a new innovative 360° Kevlar® Cage for added protection, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 is designed specifically for the most challenging and diverse WODs. It provides protection and durability with supreme grip, traction, and stability helping you to excel in any movement.

Photos by Ryan Lawrence Photography

We headed over to CrossFit Roots in Boulder, CO, the training grounds of defending CrossFit Games Champ, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and 2012 runner up, Matt Chan, and put the shoe through a series of fundamental CrossFit movements to see how it held up. We asked our athletes about their favorite updates to the shoe and how it compares to previous models.

“I like that it looks a bit more like a traditional running/athletic shoe. The older models were a little more beefy and wide and the new model is sleek. One of the main differences to me is that the shoe feels lower to the ground than all of the previous models. Not in a bad way, but more in that the shoe is overall lower profile than older models. . It’s kind of a complete redesign in a way. From the upper being totally minimal to the shoe being very lightweight and breathable, it pulled a lot of great components together.”
– Nicole Christensen, Certified CrossFit Coach (CF-L4), Coach & Owner, CrossFit Roots, CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff


“For me the biggest difference is simple, the Nano 5 fits my foot better. I have a slightly narrow foot and always felt my feet moving around in the 4.0. With the new Kevlar upper on the 5, I’m able to lace the shoe tighter and feel like my foot is held in place.

I also like how the tongue is integrated into the shoe and stays really flat to the top of the foot.”
– Aimee Rogers, CrossFit Roots, CrossFitting 2+ years


“I really like these Nano 5s. They feel great running. They’re stable for lifting but have enough cushion for plyos and box jumps. I ran a couple of miles in them during Murph and my feet felt great. They fit me better than my Nano 4s, I think it is a little less padding over the top in the forefoot. These breathe better too. And they look sweet.”
– Eric Christensen, Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3), Coach & Owner, CrossFit Roots


“As someone who is in love with her Reebok lifters, I don’t typically lift heavy in Nanos. However, after testing them out for a few WOD’s, I’ve found that they are much sturdier than the 4’s and provide a level of stability not present in previous models. I felt comfortable overhead squatting in the shoes and loved that I could go from heavier olympic lifts to box jumps or double unders without compromising comfort or stability. ”
– Marissa Lucero, CrossFit Clout, CrossFitting 3+ years


“ It’s very light and comfortable.  I think the 5’s are most similar to the 3’s which I liked the most. I’ve done several metcons with light to moderate loads and they feel very supportive and stable.  Squats and jumping feel good.”
– Shane Upchurch, Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3), Coach at CrossFit Roots


The first thing I noticed is how much more stable I felt in the shoes, especially as I was hitting full depth in the wall balls.The shoe feels lighter and I feel more agile. I think it’ll be a better shoe to run in and great for WOD’s that cover a range of motions.”
– Reed Pankratz, CrossFit Roots, CrossFitting for less than 1 year


Grab the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 on June 25th at