K Camp Talks Reebok, Style, and Growing Up in Atlanta


Some of the biggest influences in life are where you come from and the people who are around you. When it comes to K Camp, he was born in Milwaukee but grew up in Atlanta, the southern hip-hop capital. Atlanta holds a title when it comes to rappers making their name in the city. According to K Camp “Atlanta is the mecca of hip-hop and where all the flavor started” which is hard to deny. So many big names have come from the city and each has their own signature flow. Camp is out on the Pursuit of Style in music and fashion and Reebok is right there to help him create a signature look.

Camp has his own story, a high school kid who loved to hoop but got into music and wanted to leave his mark. A hobby that started with sitting on MySpace until 5 a.m. to get his views up grew into him performing at club Mariachi and making his name on Battleground Monday. He got put on the map when he started making music that separated him from the club sound to a signature sound. Getting called out for lying in his raps changed Camps perspective and pushed him to bring truths in his flows.

K Camp and Reebok have built a partnership that reflects on building your style from the ground up. Reebok has had big names wear the logo over the years and Camp fits into the direction the brand is going. His honest flow and doing it for the fans shows that he hasn’t forgotten where he came from and his originality is important. You can see K Camp rocking the Reebok Classic Leather Ice, which adds a new touch to the brands traditional model. The icy sole adds some new flavor to an old school model that we’ve loved for years. K Camp and Reebok are bringing their own twists to rap and footwear and we can expect big things from both in the future.

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