Rainbow Shox


It’s almost hard to believe that the Shox technology has been around since 2000, but it’s not so hard to take in when you realize that Nike’s pretty much known in the timeless tech department. Seeing as Shox don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, Nike has taken the liberty to re-up the classic Nike Shox NZ with some summertime flair, just for the kids. 

Not saying that a Shox shoe is a hard sell to a kid, but if they need further convincing, tell them this one is adorned in playful colors. Featuring purple, blue, yellow, orange and fuchsia, we dare you to find something this shoe doesn’t match, if not go perfect with.

Not only is this a bright, rainbow-colored sneaker that’s summer-ready, it’s also amazingly comfortable, which is an added plus for kids that need a shoe they can do pretty much everything in.

Looking for that go-to sneaker for the summer? Look no further, and it doesn’t matter how old your kid is. Finish Line has got sizes that range from toddlers to big kids, so you’ll be sure to score a pair for your little one.