Preview of BCS Matchups


It’s that time of the year that every college football fan loves and hates and hates some more, all at the same time. The bombardment of games, colloquially known as bowl season, is on its way (love), but it’s not quite here yet (hate). The BCS system is still in effect and still shunning teams as usual (even more hate). Regardless of how the general football fanatic population feels, the games are set, so let’s check out what the BCS computers have cooked up for the big must-see matchups.

VIZIO Rose Bowl (1/1/13)

This showdown in Pasadena, California (also known as the granddaddy of them all) usually features the winners of the Pac-12 and Big 10 Conferences. So, the Wisconsin Badgers will be marching into the Rose Bowl for a third consecutive year, this time to take on the Stanford Cardinal. After two losses in the big game the past two years, the Badgers will be looking to end the streak and bring home the trophy and the bouquet of roses.

Discover Orange Bowl (1/1/13)

This probably won’t be the most watched game, but it has been the most controversial pairing. We’ll see a moderately-ranked Florida State team take on a Northern Illinois squad that’s comparably ranked, but from a non-BCS conference. Northern Illinois crashing the party has ruffled a few feathers, with analysts calling for the BCS’s head. This game should nonetheless be a good one to watch, simply because of the possible shock factor.

Allstate Sugar Bowl (1/2/13)

Taking place in the Superdome of New Orleans, the Sugar Bowl is a given to host an SEC team, and this year, they’ve elected to go with the Florida Gators. They’ll be taking on a Louisville Cardinals squad that finished 10-2 in regular season play and won the Big East Conference title. It will be interesting to see if a Florida team that just missed out on a BCS title game appearance will bring the same passionate play that led them to an 11-1 record and victories of LSU, Texas A&M and South Carolina.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (1/3/13)

This year’s Fiesta Bowl is going to be an interesting contest. Both teams (Oregon vs Kansas St.), at some point during the season, were in position to play for the national championship, but the nature of college football intervened. This should make for an exciting and interesting contest between two teams that are arguably the best in the college ranks.

Discover BCS National Championship Game (1/7/13)

One team started off the year ranked #1, and the other started it unranked, but if you love college football, this is one of the reasons why. #1 ranked Notre Dame is taking on a formidable foe in the defending champs, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Though the Fighting Irish haven’t been exactly electrifying, they’ve been incredibly consistent, crushing some opponents, and also edging out others in close games. This game will be a defensive coordinator’s dream and offensive coordinator’s nightmare, but will be all the more interesting to behold, as the traditional favorite takes on the recent powerhouse for the final game of the season.