One Lucky Winner is Headed to the Big Apple


And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Maryum and her Wonder Woman Converse as she’s on her way to the Big Apple, courtesy of Finish Line and Converse. Maryum added her Cons to the mix of entries when she hash-tagged #SeeMySneakers on Twitter, winning herself and a her friend a VIP trip to New York City to attend a Rubber Tracks live show, including free airfare and a free hotel stay.

After convincing her on the phone the contest is real, we took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her and her sneakers.

Finish Line: We have to ask, where did you get those Wonder Woman Converse?

Maryum: As much as I wish I could say Finish Line, since I seriously buy all me and my family’s sneaks there, these ones came from Journeys.

Is Wonder Women your favorite superhero? 

Of course! Who doesn’t love Wonder Woman?

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you want to enter this contest?

I am 35, mom of 2, wife, personal trainer, and lover of all things fitness! Boston girl at heart, living in the suburbs of Atlanta, I entered the contest because, well, I own more sneakers than heels, and let’s just say the Wonder Woman Chucks are one of many pairs of Chuck Taylors I own. So Converse plus music (which I love) equals a pretty sweet combo! So why not?!

What was going through your mind when we called to notify you that you had won?

Umm, honestly I was thinking, Is this guy for real and where’s the catch? Call me a skeptic ha-ha!

Is this your first time winning a sweepstakes? 

Yes, it certainly is!

What type of genre would you like to see at the Rubber Tracks Studio? 

No idea. There really isn’t a genre I don’t like. I have the widest variety of music taste of all of my friends. I love music of all kinds.

Now, to the most difficult question: who are you planning on taking with you to NYC?

That’s going to be hard. My first thought was my husband, but he thinks I should take one of my girlfriends.