Not Your Father’s Skate Shoe


Nike is accustomed to setting the standard in sneaker innovation, and with skateboarding it’s no different. Gone are the days of skating in whatever shoe you can get your hands on, as long as it had a flat bottom and decent toe grip. With the newest edition to the Paul Rodriquez Signature Collection, Nike Skateboarding has created a skate shoe that combines performance, comfort, and style.

With one trick remaining in this past weekend’s Street League Skateboarding contest, legendary L.A. street skater, P. Rod, needed an 8.4 or better to steal the win from fellow skateboarder Chris Cole. P. Rod, sporting a fresh pair of 7s, landed a frontside bigspin heelflip for a score of 8.8, and his second-career SLS victory.

What better stamp of approval for Nike Skateboarding than having their pioneer skateboarder perform so perfectly on one of skateboarding’s biggest arena, while wearing his latest Nike signature shoes?

As far as brand ambassadors go, it doesn’t get much better than P. Rod. The natural footer from just outside of Los Angeles has the reputation as one of the greatest street skaters of all-time. All over magazines, videos, the X Games, and even a commercial with Ice Cube, P. Rod is the leading figure in the growth of skateboarding.

The 7s feature a durable upper and outsole with a dynamic Lunarlon cushioning, designed to better the efficiency of skateboarding tricks. Inspired by elements of the original Jordans and the Nike Dunk, the 7s are the perfect representation of the legendary skater.

Whether you are technical skater like P. Rod, or just like to look good, get yourself a pair of Paul Rodriquez 7s at Finish Line.