Not Just For The Gym: From The Streets To The Beach @kaitfitzy Is Vibin’ with adidas Originals


Written by Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick 

Leggings: adidas Originals Berlin 3 Stripes Leggings

Shorts: adidas Originals Slim Shorts 

Sneakers: adidas Originals Superstar Metal Toe Casual Shoes 

@kaitfitzy adidas Berlin Leggings Superstar Metal Toe

Minimal style is something I can always turn to on a daily basis. As a model, I’m running around to castings, meetings or just getting personal errands out of the way, so these adidas Originals looks are perfect when it comes to my lifestyle.

The adidas Originals Berlin 3 Stripes Leggings I absolutely love because of the print down the leg. It makes the design retro and a fun, basic staple to wear for many occasions. I can pair them with sneakers or add some height to my look with a strappy heel, either way the fit is flattering with multiple looks.

@kaitfitzy adidas Superstar Metal Toe

How can you not love a sneaker that matches everything?! The adidas Originals Superstar Metal Toe is effortless and I can wear them with all of my casual outfits. They are very similar to the OG Superstars, but the detail of the metal toe adds some sheen and I love when different textures compliment each other without being a distraction to the rest of the outfit.

I absolutely love black and white style. The colors are not only classic, but you can put so many different looks together whether it’s a t-shirt, crop top, dress or piece of denim. These adidas Originals leggings and sneakers definitely fall into that category of mixing and matching and I live for that kind of versatility, because I can put together an outfit quickly and move on with my busy schedule.

adidas Originals Slim Shorts 1

When I have time to relax and hang out with friends and family, I love going to the beach. I’m 100% a water baby and these blue adidas Originals Slim Shorts are the perfect addition with my one piece bathing suit. They also have a vintage vibe which I’m always about and can pair with a lot of pieces in my closet. The design is simple and comfortable and I can wear them around town with sneakers as easily as I can wear them to the beach or pool.

adidas Originals Slim Shorts 3

Now that summer is here, these adidas Originals items are a great way to start my athleisure style for warmer weather. Can’t go wrong with comfy shorts, black leggings and white sneaks, amirite? 🙂

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