Not Just For The Gym: Keeping Things Cozy with @evemeetswest and Nike

Written by Evelynn Escobar-Thomas


Top: Nike Dry Non Stop Running Tank


Bottoms: Nike Flex Essential Running Pants 


Sneakers: Nike Air VaporMax Running Shoes 
 My #1 tip to get through the day: cozy. clothes. I firmly believe that if you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing you think clearer, move easier, and overall just feel more confident. That’s why you’ll always catch me in sportswear in or outside the gym.

Growing up I defaulted to sneakers, jumpsuits, overalls, etc. As you can see, not much has changed. I love that the “athleisure” trend has introduced more options and variations for women who like to keep it laid back. If you’re looking to build your comfy collection up, these Nike Running Pants and Running Tank are a couple essentials to put on your list.

I’m the type of person who likes everything to fit slightly oversized. I love the slouchy fit of these running pants and how functional they are. If I really wanted to up and jog, I could with ease. Same goes for the tank. It’s airy, breathable and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. 

Last but not least, these VaporMax are truly the icing on the cake. As someone who tries to stay on top of the newest sneaker technologies I was a bit late to the game on these, but I have been pleasantly surprised since the first wear. They truly do feel like walking on air. I love that they’re so light, responsive, and flexible. The sole is definitely unique, but they’re way easier to style than you think! I find myself wearing these any opportunity I get because of how comfortable and sleek they are.

Whether I’m wearing these pieces together or mixed and matched I feel confident and ready to take on a day in LA. When you’re comfortable with who you are your style will always represent that look good, feel good, do good. 


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