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Not Just For The Gym: @FitAndyy Breaks Down The Athlesiure Details


NotJustForTheGym Fit Andyy

Athleisure is for every girl who not only wants to wear athletic clothes when working out, but for just about everything else!

Being able to take an outfit from the gym to the street is huge. Especially if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck or are busy af (as in you workout 4-5x a week + a new Mom ???????? ). And if I’m being completely honest, I have been pulling off this athleisure look for quite some time. I always thought of it as a sort of tom boy style and need for comfort. I’m not your typical girl; I like to be comfy and not restricted, I choose sweats and leggings over jeans, sneakers over heels, sports bra over regular bra. Athleisure is MY style – it’s WHO I AM! It’s not complicated, it’s comfortable, it’s stylish, edgy, tom boy with a hint girlie girl, athletic, trendy, and fun! 

Outfit Details:

NotJustForTheGym FitAndyy

3 tips on how to pull an athleisure look successfully:

  1. • you have to have dope sneakers (AM 90 Flyknit is a good place to start)
  2. • your hair/makeup should look decent (you have to look more put together than at the gym) 
  3. • own it and be confident!

Fit Andyy NotJustForTheGym

Favorite athleisure pieces:

The essentials of shorts and leggings are two things that any girl should have. Complete your look/’fit with a hat that compliments the variety of colors and a smoth bomber jacket. As always, you can never go wrong with a clean look of sweats and a hoodie, as long as they have the right kicks to match.

Favorite athleisure sneakers:


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