Not Just For The Gym: @sorayayd Is Edgy and Sleek With Her PUMA Style


Written by: @sorayayd 

Sneakers: PUMA Basket Winter Mid Casual Shoes 

Top: PUMA Crop Top

Bottoms: PUMA Leggings 

Not Just For The Gym Soraya 7

Athleisure is a style trend where you implement sporty clothes into your everyday wear. I’m big on this, I like to enjoy my edgy workout clothes on a day-to-day basis whether I’m going to auditions, traveling, running errands or just hanging out.

Not Just For The Gym Soraya 8

While catching up with friends and hitting up an architecturally stunning art museum in downtown Los Angeles, The Broad, comfort with a stylish flair was key. These Puma pieces provided just that. My plans gave me some inspiration for my outfit, so I chose to wear something sleek and edgy.

Not Just For The Gym Soraya 3

I usually put my outfit together with the kicks first, as I want them to be the main focal point. Metallics are all the craze right now, so these laceless silver Basket Mid kicks with the zipper closure were a no-brainer, they give the perfect pop to an all-black outfit.

Not Just For The Gym Soraya 2

Usually when I hang out with friends, I never know where the day will take me, but I know i’ll be out for quite some time before getting back home, so I like to grab a leather jacket. I decided to rock the Puma crop top and matching leggings with a denim choker—super comfortable, trendy, edgy and feel cute.

Not Just For The Gym Soraya 10

As the day got warmer we grabbed lunch outside, so I took off my jacket and the choker made it obvious I wasn’t just wearing a workout outfit. This kind of transition is always my take on athleisure????????.

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