Not Just For The Gym: Comfort Meets Cute with @eatrightrun and Nike


Written by Natasha Mufleh

Shoes: Nike Air Presto Premium Running Shoes

Top: Nike Sportswear Windrunner Jacket

Bottoms: Nike Leg-A-See Logo Leggings

Not Just For The Gym - Nike Windrunner

Athleisure. We’ve been hearing that a lot lately. To me, athleisure is comfort meets cute. Something I could wear to the gym, but something I could also rock when I’m out and about; which is exactly how I dress.

I’ve always been a sweats and T kind of girl. I love to be comfortable, but I also have my own individual sense of style. Luckily, my job allows me to be just that. As a personal trainer, I get to be in sportswear all day. In my opinion, you can never own too many kicks, leggings, or sports bras. But I don’t like to just throw on any random pair of sweats and tanks, I like to put them together in a very cute, trendy way. I have never been a girly girl, and I cannot walk in heels to save my life. Luckily, I get to have my own style and be comfortable, too.

Not Just For The Gym - Nike Presto and Nike Leggings

How do I pick and choose my outfits? Well, that always depends on my mood and how I’m feeling that day. What I wear to the gym is not necessarily what I wear out and about, but they usually are quite similar in terms of style and coordination. But of course, the kicks are what tie the outfit together. I always keep my kicks clean! I won’t lie, I do love rocking a pair of jeans once in a while, but even they have to be absolutely comfortable. I won’t sacrifice my comfort, that’s why athleisure fits me perfectly; I get to have the best of both worlds. I always have a baseball cap in my car to throw on when I want to. I feel caps really do complete the outfit, too. You can also wear your hair in so many different ways when you’ve got a cap on! Bad hair day? No problem! And of course, how can we forget the backpack? I’m a mom, and I do not want to drag around a huge diaper bag. I carry the necessities in a cute, comfortable backpack.

Not Just For The Gym - Natasha Backpack

Not Just For The Gym - Nike Jacket Waist

My eyes always gravitate towards bright colors when I pick an outfit. My favorite outfit is usually a pair of comfortable leggings mixed in with a cute crop or tank top. I toss on a light jacket, even during the summer, to either hold onto or wrap around my waist. It adds to the look, and it’s always good to be prepared just in case you catch a little breeze. When the leggings are dark, the shoes HAVE to pop. What better way to pop than a fresh pair of white Prestos?

Not Just For The Gym - Natasha on stairs

These black Nike leggings are the definition of comfort. I love that they crop right above the ankles, and they hold on nice and snug at the (mid) waist. I can move so freely in them when I have to. I’m a very active mom, so I have to always be ready to move comfortably when needed.

Not Just For The Gym - Natasha Nike Hat

Not Just For The Gym - Natasha 1

I would pair these black leggings with absolutely any pair of kicks, but these all white Nike Presots are one of my favorites, and they are absolutely comfortable. Lately, I’ve added a lot of plaid, over sized shirts to my wardrobe. I feel they look super cute with jeans or leggings and they are also perfect for summer because they are lightweight!

Not Just For The Gym - Nike Sportswear Jacket

If I’m wearing plain colors, I will most definitely garnish the outfit with a pop. This red jacket is THE definition of pop! I love that it hugs you right above the waist. I can wear this jacket anywhere, and with anything! I paired it with a really comfortable pair of jeans, and I love how the colors look together, but I could also totally match it with any of my leggings, and it would look super cute!

Not Just For The Gym - Natasha Jumping

The best part about being able to dress comfortably-cute is that I am always ready to go anywhere. This style allows me to move so freely as a super active, new mom, and it also allows me to feel super stylish and good about how I look.

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