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What does it take to become a star player in the NBA? Every young athlete dreams of being the star player on a professional sports team, winning the championship at the last moment and going down in sports history. Some kids go on to live this dream while others don’t get the chance to be so lucky, Kyrie Irving is one of those very lucky few who had the talent and drive to make it. The late nights shooting baskets in the dark, running until your legs feel like Jell-O, and missing out on times with friends because you’re in the gym working on your game. All these things go in to making a star athlete.

Nike honors its elite athletes with signature shoes that pay homage to their journey of becoming great. The Swoosh gives us another Kyrie 1 colorway that may be the best of the year and could round out this model. The clean black upper on this Kyrie 1 covers the whole shoe with subtle touch of green glow accenting around the ankle collar and on the tongue. This colorway is being dubbed the “Driveway” for Kyrie’s late nights he dedicated to perfecting his shot. With this being such a clean colorway on this hoops shoe, it’s a no-brainer that you should add it to your collection. Make sure you pick up the Nike Kyrie 1 “Driveway” on September 16th at Finishline.com.