Nike Keeps Winning: Nike Flyknit


When it comes to shoe technology, there aren’t too many secrets between companies, so if there’s something on the horizon, it’s pretty much a race to see who can refine it and put it out there the fastest. Such was the case for the knitted thread technology that Nike has dubbed the Flyknit.

They’ve gone away from stitching together pieces and different materials and went with knitting thread into a single layer to fit around your foot. Less material, less weight, and oddly enough, it has worked to give the best-fitting shoe that Nike has ever offered. The carefully engineered weave grips the foot, while letting loose in certain spots for movement and flexibility.

With Nike using such little material for the Flyknit and at the same time making it a high-performance running shoe, Nike pushes the envelop once again, and they keep on winning. These shoes are a must-have whether you’re a sneakerhead or a hardcore runner, so make sure to get a pair here.