Nike Free: What’s Different This Time Around


The Nike Free craze is in full effect, and just when you thought the latest model of Free’s were the hottest things on the streets, Nike drops a newer version. Each new model of Free Run’s that release bring something new to the table, something that its predecessor did not possess. The newest model to release, the Nike Free 5.0, has a few new updates that make this shoe quite possibly the best Free shoe yet.

Dynamic Flywire

At first glance, the Free 5.0 looks fairly similar to the Nike Free Run 3, but one major technical aspect that makes the Free 5.0 stand out is the Dynamic Flywire system. Although Dynamic Flywire looks cool, that is not its primary purpose, and it really helps with the actual fit of the shoe. Dynamic Flywire is a series of high tenacity fibers that move along with the foot, where they are loose when the foot is at rest and become tense when the foot is in motion. The overall results of the Dynamic Flywire cables create a shoe that has a second skin like fit for more stability. Instead of moving against the foot as a traditional upper would, the Free 5.0’s upper becomes almost like a part of the foot as soon as you tighten up the laces. If you aren’t sure what style of Free you should get, check out our exclusive Free Hub┬áto learn more about each style and find the right shoe for you.