Nike Flyknit Free – Early Release


Continuing their streak as one of the most innovative brands in performance footwear, Nike has just recently unveiled their latest and greatest running shoe creation, the Nike Free Flyknit. Thanks to a high degree of flexibility in the midsole that makes for a natural ride, the Nike Free line has been a fan favorite for years now.

Ever since the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, the Flyknit line has also taken the world by storm, and runners immediately caught onto the one-piece seamlessly fitted upper. The Nike Free Flyknit combines both of these technologies, taking on the midsole of the Free and the upper of the Flyknit to create a highly flexible running shoe with a second skin-like fit. 

With a world wide release date of August 1st, you’d think that you’d have to wait just a little bit longer to test out this revolutionary new design for yourself. However, if you want to snag a pair early and be the first of your friends to give the Nike Free Flyknit a go, you can do so today at Also, don’t forget to check the in-store availability option for an even more expedited process, and you just might be able to have a pair on your feet by the end of the day.