Nike Basketball Enters the Instagram Arena


Social networking is doing a lot more nowadays than just connecting people to people. With the number of users in the millions, social media has become the end-all be-all when it comes to reaching a large audience at a moment’s notice. Not surprisingly, companies have caught on to the phenomenon and are capitalizing, with the most recent being Nike Basketball joining the social media newcomer, Instagram.


Despite it being a nexus of internet celebrities, self-proclaimed socialites and parody accounts, legitimate entities have been able to find a place amidst the chaos. Nike Basketball recently joined the party back in mid-February posting 8 photos in the span of 7 days, pulling in 32,000+ followers in the process.


Now with a total of 12 photos Instagram’d, @NikeBasketball’s follower count is steadily on the rise with no signs of slowing down. If you’re already on the Instagram bandwagon, the Nike Basketball stagecoach still has a little room, so check it out and follow them for, not only upcoming shoe release information, but also some behind-the-scenes photos at the Nike Basketball headquarters.