Nike Huarache

Nike Air Huarache Run “Light Ash”


It’s hard to argue that the Nike Air Huarache Run has not dominated the sneaker world this year. This classic sneaker has gotten its fair share of OG colorways, new ones that made us fall in love, and even some special upgrades that made the shoe better than before. Nike started off slow this year giving us a few OG colorways, since the classic “Scream Green” dropped we’ve been hit with an uncountable number of colorways, prints, and themed packs. But there’s just something about simplicity with this sneaker that makes it better than anything else.

With the all-white and all-black dominating the summer season, it’s only right that we get a colorway that brings us the best of both worlds. Sneakerheads know that white on white kicks don’t last long once they get dirty, and all black doesn’t have the personality that people love. So they give us a “Light Ash” colorway that can honestly go with any outfit you can think of. It’s rare to find a sneaker that has a perfect balance of simplicity and a style, which makes this Huarache so special. This classic kick has everything you need to make your outfit be on point. Make sure you pick up the Nike Air Huarache “Light Ash” on, and experience the greatness that they call the “Neoprene Dream”.