MJ’s Impact


If you said Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player, we’d agree with no objections (other sports, not so much). With the popularity of his Air Jordan signature outlasting his career, the real argument is whether he’s bigger now than when he was shooting hoops. Farfetched as that may seem, we take a deeper look at the details and determine a verdict on MJ’s popularity.

With 6 NBA championships, 14 MVP titles, and 2 Slam Dunk Contest trophies, there’s no doubt that Jordan has done it all on the court. He has single-handedly revolutionized the game and is arguably the reason why basketball’s reach now stretches across the globe. As huge as MJ was in his prime, it’s debatable that it pales in comparison to his current fame.

Much of Jordan’s current status is attributed to his namesake shoe line. The second factor is the legendary status that he now holds due simply to the fact that he doesn’t play anymore. In a way, both factors play off each other to generate even more notoriety for Jordan and his brand.

Due to the evidence put forth, and the presence of various media outlets, it’s pretty much official that Air Jordan is flying higher now, more than ever before. Frankly, when comparing MJ from his playing days to now, there’s no comparison.