Mission Court Grip Study


Anyone who has hooped on the hardwood knows just how slick courts can be sometimes, especially on those cold and dry days. It can make a basketball game look more like a hockey match, with players sliding around all over the place. Fortunately, one company has found a solution.

Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudemire, Brandon Jennings, Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard are just some of the NBA stars using Court Grip from Mission Athletecare. It’s no wonder why either, a recent independent study from OptoSource reported that the product improved player’s lateral quickness by 24% on the hardwood. It increases player’s stability and balance as well, improving one’s overall game.

It is no doubt that this product will improve your basketball game physically, but it also will kick your mental game up a notch. No longer do you have to hesitate before making those quick cuts, because Court Grip gives you the peace of mind that you can perform to the peak of your abilities.

Mission Court Grip is also very easy to use; just roll the stick on the soles of your shoes for 3 seconds, and you will have 10 to 15 minutes of increased traction.

The NBA stars are using it, so it must be good, but try it out for your self first hand. Mission Athletecare took three years and 140 test prototypes to come up with the best formula, and athletes and independent studies both agree that this stuff works.