Master the Art of Protection With Crep Protect


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Anyone who loves sneakers has probably spent countless hours (way too many) getting very aquainted with a toothbroosh and their kicks. The most notable situation involving a pair of kicks getting cleaned might go to Spike Lee’s (Mars Blackmon) 1989 film “Do the Right Thing where Buggin’ Out gets his fresh pair of white cement 89 Mike’s (Air Jordan IVs) scuffed by a cyclist, then proceeds to whip out a toothbrush and clean his kicks on a fire hydrant. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is; but with the introduction of premium shoe care products like Crep Protect, you can now retire that old toothbrush without sacrificing your fresh.

So how does Crep Proctect work? Crep Protect utilizes Nano technology that acts as an invisible, protective barrier causing any unwanted liquids to simply roll off your shoe instead of soaking in. The first application is typically good for around two weeks, so just spray on, let dry, hit the streets, and repeat! Not only does Crep Protect offer shoe cleaner and repellant, they also offer the Crep Protect Travel Cure Kit and the Crep Protect Pill.

Crep Protect Spray:

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Crep Protect Travel Cure Kit:

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Crep Protect Pill:

Crep Protect pill

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If you want to master the art of protection, head into your local Finsish Line, or check to grab your own Crep Protect.