Lil Wayne’s Supra Chimera


Having donned animal print pants, gear often associated with the skateboarding community and full body artwork, Lil Wayne is the closest thing to a walking trend, in and of himself. When you have 10 commercially-successful solo albums and are credited with reinvigorating hip hop music, being a trendsetter is often a by-product of that success. Looking to make the most of that opportunity and platform, Supra has acquired the rights to Lil Wayne, the style icon, to aid in putting together a special collection of premium lifestyle kicks, dubbed the Spectre by Supra.

Although Supra started its operations back in 2006, in the current climate of the streetwear fashion industry, it’s an uphill battle without product placement in the form of a paparazzi-flanked celebrity. Given the fact that Lil Wayne had naturally taken a liking to the brand, Supra didn’t have to resort to otherwise fruitless attempts to contact the rapper. 

With the help of Lil Wayne, Supra has carefully crafted and curated a set of kicks that have been given the stamp of approval from the artist himself. Of the set, the Chimera is a standout in the bunch, showing the most influence from Wayne, sporting a mid-to-high cut, comprised of ankle collars that rise high on the sides and dip low towards the back of the sneaker. 

What better way to compliment such an eye-catching sneaker than to adorn it in a just-as-shocking colorway? Lil Wayne is no stranger when it comes to turning heads, so we’re not surprised with the use of fluorescent yellow as a base color for the newest installment of the Chimera. 

A fan of Lil Wayne, but not so keen on your ability to rock a pair of seemingly neon-lit sneakers? What are trends without someone out there setting them? The way the sneaker game is nowadays, it’s all about exclusivity and being the first to step out wearing otherwise “unrocked” gear. 

Go for it, the trendsetter within is imploring you. Check out Supra at