Legs for Shorts


With the weather warming up, it’s about that time to change up your wardrobe. If you’re trading your sweatshirts in for t-shirts, and your jeans for shorts, now’s the time to get your legs in shape to show off. Check out these leg exercises that get your legs looking right for the season.


Starting from the top down, your quads are front and center, so to get those looking shapely, squats are in order. They are the quadriceps best friend and they also do a bit on the hamstring side.


For the hammies, some good ol’ fashioned weight leg curls will do the trick. You won’t require as much work on this side seeing as the squats will get you halfway there.


For the calves, calf raises are the surefire way to not only build muscle, but to also tone things up. It’ll take quite a bit of work though as calves are one of the hardest muscle groups to build up. As a supplement, lunges will help to strengthen your legs as a whole, while working to get those stabilizer muscles back on track.


This is shorts season, so don’t get caught off-guard, and make sure you’ve got some shorts in your wardrobe. Check out our selection at┬áto stay on top of your game.