LeBron 11 “What The”


WHAT THE *$#@?” is an instinctive reaction to something shocking, whether it’s good or bad. We’ve all exclaimed it in moments when no other words could seem to express our reaction. In 2007, Nike designers decided to take this phrase and create a play on words with the iconic Nike Dunk.

What would it represent? It would mash together classic designs and colorways from past Nike Dunks. This idea made its way to the Nike basketball team in 2012 with the “What The Kobe”, and now the LeBron XI is getting the honors.

It’s been 11 years since the original LeBron James signature shoe dropped, and a lot has happened since then. World championships, MVPs, big “decisions”, and much more. LeBron’s trusted pair of Nike kicks have been there every step of the way continuing to grow and evolve with him and his game.

The “What The” LeBron takes inspiration from these sneakers to create the ultimate mashup of LeBron’s sneaker history. You’ll find 20 different graphics on these and 28 different style elements. These are a combination of fine art, basketball performance, and a history book about one of the greatest players to ever live.

Get the Nike LeBron 11 on September 13 at 8AM EST at