Layering – How to Rock Outerwear


Can’t decide if you want to rock your hoodie or your jacket? Well, why not rock both? Rocking a hoodie under a jacket is the best fashion statement for cold weather gear in recent years, because not only does it look good, it is also very functional.

In order to keep you fly this season, let us give you some pointers on how to layer your outwear gear.

To start off, choose what hoodie you want to wear. Considering you are going to wear a jacket over it, you may want to choose one with minimal branding. The Nike Shield KO Full-Zip Hoodie would work perfectly or the adidas Full-Zip Hoodie would work great as well.

Next, it is time to choose a jacket to layer over the hoodie. There are two important things you must remember; for one, make sure that the jacket is a different material than the hoodie, and secondly, you also want to make sure it is a different color. This will insure that the two pieces won’t just blend together and look as one. As far as the thickness of the jacket is considered, you can choose one a little thinner such as the Nike Element Shield Soft Cell Jacket, or one as thick as the adidas AC Down Jacket. Just make sure the thickness reflects the temperature outside because you don’t want to be too hot or too cold.