Lace Exploration


Different strokes for different folks, and in the case of shoe laces, they aren’t all made equal. For a quick, yet slightly in-depth rundown of which is which and where to wear, read up as we fill you in.

The flat lace is the new age classic and should be worn as such. If you’ve got some retro sneakers or a vintage casual shoe, the flat lace is the way to go. Sof Sole offers a wide array of color options to match whatever shoe is in your closet or one that you have in mind to pick up.

For a more updated look, there’s the oval lace also available from Sof Sole. You’re more likely to see these on a newer pair of basketball and cross-training sneakers. Nevertheless, these are versatile for a casual or sporty shoe.

For pure performance, Sof Sole offers an option that’s great for all types of athletic footwear. Their Performance Laces feature a simple locking mechanism that eliminates the need for you to tie and re-tie your shoes. Another added feature that the laces deliver is the ability to adjust the tension to reduce pinching and discomfort.

Hopefully, we’re cleared things up for you, and if so, check out for yourself and see all the options that we have to offer.