Key Learnings From the First Day of the Tournament


The first day of the 2013 NCAA tournament is in the books and after watching 12 straight hours of basketball we learned a few things.


There’s a serious lack of drama. CBS needs to bring Gus Johnson back. Period.

The selection committee had no idea what they are doing. Oregon as a 12 seed?

Guys from Harvard can do more than just math, they can shoot the basketball. 14 seeded Harvard crushed New Mexico’s hopes and dreams.

CBS finally nailed the stagger system. With the way the games were scheduled there was basketball on all day with no breaks.

The West coast is better at basketball than the rest of America thinks. Pac 12 went 3-0 and Gonzaga won their opening round.

A #16 seed will not beat a #1 seed this year either. Gonzaga was the tournament’s best chance but Southern gave us only a close call.

It’s possible to beat a team by 45+ points in a 40 minute college basketball game. VCU won by 46. Syracuse won by 47.

The President of the United States isn’t perfect- Obama went 10-6 on Thursday.