Keeping Your Children Safe and Cool This Summer


If you’ve somehow not noticed yet, this summer has been hot! Seeing how it’s just begun too, it looks like we are in it for the long haul. Too often during hot summers we forget to take precautionary methods to combat the inescapable heat, and this can be extremely dangerous, especially to the young ones. Since you can’t watch your kids 24-7, all you can do is stress the importance of staying hydrated and keep them aware of the signs of overheating. However, dressing them in some summer friendly clothes will also do a great deal in keeping them cool and safe. Read on as we tell you what summer friendly children’s gear has to offer.

Boys’ Nike Fly Doomsday Camouflage Shorts

You can’t say summer without shorts, and being that the Nike Fly Doomsday Camo Shorts were specifically designed to keep kids cool, they just might be the perfect option for your son. They are made from Nike’s Dri-FIT fabric, which along with being very breathable, they actually wick sweat away from the body. You’ll love the piece of mind knowing that your child is staying cool, and your child will love the trendy camo design of these shorts.

Kids’ Nike Legend Training T-Shirt

Now that your son has some nice summer shorts, he will definitely need a shirt that is just as stylish and functional. The Nike Legend Training T-Shirt for kids fit those two characteristics perfectly. It is made from the same Dri-FIT fabric as the Doomsday Camo Shorts, so you don’t have to worry about your child overheating in this shirt. Available in multiple colors, this tee features the iconic Nike Swoosh printed across the chest for a classic style.

Girls’ Nike Sport Mesh 4-Inch Shorts

Don’t think that we only had styles available for your son, because has summer clothes for your little girl as well. The Nike Sport Mesh 4-Inch Shorts feature that cute and sporty style that’s in for the summer, and they also sport a functionality factor to match. They too are made from Dri-FIT fabric, and the mesh design will guarantee breathability as well. If your daughter is picky, don’t worry, because we have plenty of color options for her to choose from.

Girls’ Nike Deal With It T-Shirt

For a cute top to match your daughter’s Mesh Shorts, check out the Nike Deal With It T-Shirt. Also made from Dri-FIT fabric, you don’t have to worry about her getting too hot, and the short-sleeve design and light color options make it the ideal shirt for the summer time. Not to mention your daughter will love letting everyone know who is in charge with the “Deal With It” font printed across the front of the shirt.