The Air Jordan 4 was the first time the same designer as the previous year was kept on board. Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan created a special bond that translated to the shoes. The fourth Air Jordan was taken back to the drawing board and the results were another design that stood on it’s own. The shoe would be the introduction of the “Flight” tag which would grow into other shoes and apparel as well. Key features like the Nike Air heel logo and the Jumpman tongue logo kept were carried over from the AJ3. Innovative ideas like mesh side panel along with new lacing system using triangular reinforced tips were added. Spike Lee and Mars Blackmon were once again featured in the advertising campaign, now a global effort. Spike even featured the shoes in his feature film, “Do the Right Thing.” Another stella year in MJ’s career the AJ4 was on the MJ’s feet when he hit “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Playoffs.