#JordanFridays: Spring Sneaker SZN


Spring is here. That means the weather is warming up and you can finally bring out all that heat you bought this winter and show it off. One of the biggest pains of being a sneakerhead is that we hate waiting to break out that brand new pickup. We all know what the snow and ice can do to a hot pair of kicks, and it isn’t pretty. Now that spring is here and the weather is in our favor; we have no excuse to get out there and show off those new kicks. Don’t forget to snap some photos when you’re out and about and share them for all the sneakerhead community to see!

Make sure you post your best heat and tag @Finishline and use the #JordanFridays hashtag and maybe you’ll be featured here and gain some followers and have some sneaker blog glory! I mean, who doesn’t love some social media fame?

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