Jordan Training with Derek Jeter


While today Jordan Brand is not only recognized as a staple on the hardwood but also on the baseball diamond, this was not always the case. Rewind back to ’90s, and the only presence Michael Jordan had on the baseball scene was his short Double-A stint that left many all but impressed. However, Michael was not entirely done with the sport, and it wouldn’t be the last time we would see the Jumpman on the baseball field. In 1999, Michael Jordan signed the first Major Leaguer to the brand, none other than New York Yankee Short Stop, Derek Jeter. 

   Photo courtesy of: @Derek_2Jeter

Why Derek Jeter? More like why not Derek Jeter? There’s something that every athlete had in common that was on the Jordan Brand team, and that was their work ethic. Just as Michael Jordan ate, dreamt, and lived basketball, Derek Jeter ate, dreamt, and lived baseball. He never wanted to look back years after his career and say, “I wish I would’ve worked harder”. So work hard is what he did, and his efforts have certainly paid off.

Holding multiple team records with the Yankees including most career hits, winning multiple World Series championships, and making the All-Star roster over a dozen times throughout his career, Derek Jeter has certainly lived up to the expectations of being the Jordan Brand ambassador to baseball. He’s had more signature Jordan Brand shoes than any other athlete behind Your Airness himself, which we see as only fitting.