Jordan Brand in the National Tournament


It’s been 30 years since Michael Jordan hit the game-winning jumper in the 1982 National Championship game, and while we may never see him grace the court again, his presence in the college ranks still lives on as four teams sponsored by Jordan Brand made it to the tournament this year. Although all four teams had aspirations of making it all the way, it hasn’t played out that way, so let’s check out how they fared and navigated through the March Madness.


California Golden Bears

After putting together just an above-average winning record, the Golden Bears weren’t expected to do much this season, let alone make it to the tournament. They did that and more as they took down the #5 seed in the opening round before falling to Syracuse in a close game.


Georgetown Hoyas

The Georgetown Hoyas let a lot people down as they powered through the regular season, and were picked at a #2 seed for the national tournament, only to fall to a team out of nowhere in Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). Granted, FGCU has strung together a few wins, knocking off statistically better teams on their way to an Sweet Sixteen berth.


North Carolina Tar Heels

Year after year, a lot of weight is put on MJ’s alma mater, and while they usually come through making a solid run through the tournament, this year didn’t have that great of an outcome. After the dispatching of an evenly-matched Villanova team, the Tar Heels lost in a blowout to the Kansas Jayhawks as they continue their journey in the tournament.


Marquette Golden Eagles

They’re the only Jordan Brand team still in it, so the folks over at JB are keeping hope alive. We’ve got our fingers crossed as well, but we may not need to as Marquette has gotten through the first two rounds, squeezing out wins in nail-biters.