International Running Destinations


While we have been highlighting great running destinations in US cities, we thought it be a good idea to give our readers some running route advice for a few international cities that could very well be your next vacation destination. All of the following cities are prominent places to visit, so if you find yourself in one of these great cities, you won’t be left in the dark in terms of great spots to run.

Never been to London? Well, you have to put it on your bucket list. There’s almost too much to do in London with all of the historic landmarks and beautiful parks and neighborhoods. If you find yourself in this mesmerizing metropolis on your next vacation, you could almost pick any park on the map to find an amazing running route, but we highly suggest you check out the Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens area. It’s a peaceful oasis amidst a thriving city, and the lush grass, abundant foliage, and soothing waterways make for an extremely relaxing running destination.

A unique clash of history and modernization, Beijing is a top travel destination for many vacationers seeking a well-rounded vacation spot with numerous landmarks, cultural cuisine, and countless excursions. You can visit the world famous Great Wall of China, the tremendous Tiananmen Square, and the Dashanzi Art District for a taste of the modern side of the city. If Beijing is your next travel destination, we advise you go for a run around the Haidian Canal District. This urban center follows along quaint canals with Chinese riverboats and lines of green trees along the water’s edge. Just don’t pick the busiest part of the day for your jog, because foot traffic can be heavy.

It’s known as the city of romance, and it’s no wonder why with all of the fine cuisine, cobble stone walkways, and Rococo and Neoclassical architectural buildings. Paris is a great vacation spot for couples, but the historical side of the city also offers for a family friendly destination as well. It’s home to over 400 parks and gardens, so there are certainly no shortage of running spots. However, if you happen to be in The City of Lights, do yourself a favor and take a jog along the scenic Seine. This river runs through the heart of the city and passes by many historic landmarks, and the views are simply stunning.

Known as the Marvelous City, it is one of the only urban sprawls that you can visit with white sandy beaches, staggering lush mountains, and lavish rain forests. The spectacular views and sensational landscapes make Rio de Janeiro one of the top vacation destinations, and it is truly a place where you can relax and enjoy all of the peacefulness that nature has to offer. It’s no surprise that this city also offers great running routes, and we recommend you check out Impanema Beach. This two-mile stretch of sandy beaches has incredible views of the surrounding landscapes, and is a great place to people watch the tourists and locals alike.

Unlike other cities on this list, you don’t go to North Hollywood for the history, and it is more renowned for its chic ambiance. Just about a two and half hour drive north of Seattle, Vancouver is an easy to reach vacation destination, and this young and vibrant metropolis is a great place to visit for those seeking beautiful landscapes as well as great shopping and nightlife. If you make it to Vancouver for your next vacation, go for a jog along the Stanley Park Seawall. You’ll run right along the comely coast, and have great views of the sensational mountains as well as the gleaming lights of downtown Vancouver.