Infomercial Workout Rundown (gimmick or not?)


We see them all over the television, in the newspapers, and of course on the Internet. Each of them promises results, results that will get you in the best shape you have been in years, if not your life. There has been countless numbers of in home workout programs over the years, but do they actually work? In this article, we will go over some of the most popular workout programs, and determine if they are gimmicks or not.

If you remember the 90’s, then you certainly remember Tae Bo. Who could forget fitness guru Billy Banks punching and kicking his way through your television screen while promoting his total body fitness program? We have to admit that it did seem a little cheesy, but was it a gimmick? Well, the moves incorporated in Tae Bo are a mix of Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and some dancing moves, and all of these are great ways to burn calories. In fact, studies showed that Tae Bo helped you burn calories faster than other cardio fitness routines, and you could even burn up to twice as much in one one-hour session. So gimmick? We think not. 

We’ve all seen the P90X commercials, and you’ve probably even had a friend or two take up this extremely demanding workout regimen. Supposedly, this 90 day workout plan will get you beach body ready by the end of the 90 days, but does it really work? P90X is a full rounded exercise program, and focuses on cross training, periodization, and also nutrition and dietary supplements. With that being said, P90X will undoubtedly whip your butt in to shape by the end of the 90 days, but you have to stick with the intensely anal workout and dietary plan. So is it a gimmick? No, P90X probably will get you beach ready, just be prepared for the toughest 90 days you will ever experience.

There’s a real good chance either your mom, grandma, or your crazy aunt have taken up Zumba over the past couple of years, because this workout routine seems to be the favorite of middle aged ladies trying to shed a few pounds. It’s said that about 14 million people have taken up this unique form of exercise, which incorporates both dance and aerobic techniques, but is it a gimmick? Well, your aunt just might burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories during a typical Zumba class, so if she keeps at it she will definitely shed a few pounds. However, Zumba is not in the clear, because they have more recently started manufacturing things such as “Zumba Wear”, despite the fact that you could wear anything to a Zumba class that you could wear to any other dance class. Final decision, Zumba – not a gimmick, Zumba products – a tad gimmicky.

Last up, we have the Insanity workout program. From the same people that brought you P90X, Insanity is also a comprehensive workout plan, incorporating physical fitness exercises along with dietary and nutritional programs as well. For those of you who haven’t tried it, this ones a real doozy, and you can see incredible results within 60 days, 30 days faster than P90X. So is Insanity a gimmick? Certainly not, because it probably is even a tad bit better than P90X. However, this could lead us to reevaluate if P90X is a gimmick, especially if you can get the same results from Insanity 30 days faster. Our conclusion, neither of them are gimmicks, but if you are going to choose one for yourself go with the Insanity Plan.

So what have we learned from all of this? For starts, there are many workout plans out there being blasted all over the Internet and on television, and the good majority of them will help you burn calories and get into better shape. However, theses plans are designed for the masses, and as we know, every person is different. Therefore, the best workout plan for you would probably be one that a personal trainer designed for your specific wants and needs, but these other types of workout regimens will definitely help and are usually more affordable.