If a Shoe Fought Another Shoe


Last time on “If a Shoe Fought Another Shoe”, we conjectured a head to head match between a running shoe and a training shoe. This time around, we are heading to the heart of the hood to see a toe-to-toe match between the Nike Cortez and the Converse Chuck Taylor. Both of these shoes are OG’s in their respective hoods, and have been in the game strong for well into the last century. Let’s weigh these two in and see who will be claimed champion in this backyard brawl.

The Nike Cortez first made headlines in 1972, and was infamous for its newfound speed and agility. The shoe went on a serious weight loss regiment, which really paid off and improved its quickness. The Cortez is highly durable as well, and doesn’t have to worry about receiving a knockout, even if it is cornered. As far as overall power is concerned, this is probably the Cortez’s weakest characteristic.

The Converse Chuck Taylor changed the game when it hit the scene in 1917, and unlike any shoe from this era, it is still fighting strong today almost a century later. The Chuck Taylor is a favorite for promoters, and can match up with just about any opponent thanks to its high versatility. Not only do the promoters love it, but it is also a fan favorite, and the Chuck seems to have the home advantage, whether it is in its own backyard or not. This shoe definitely isn’t short on heart, but it also isn’t truly skillful in any particular area.

So who do we crown victorious? The Cortez is undoubtedly the more skilled fighter of the two, but the Chuck’s heart makes up for it. It would be a long match, round after round of continuous blows from each contender, and would surely go down to the judge’s decision. With a split decision, the Chuck Taylorprevails, although many are going to argue that the judges are playing favorites.