How the Nike+ Sportwatch Can Help Your Run


Nike is at the forefront of innovative technology to improve athlete’s game, and they have recently designed a watch that will improve your run game better than ever before. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is the ideal watch for runners, and several key features of the watch make it better than anything else on the market for runners who want to improve their performance.

This watch features a built in GPS system and it not only tracks your location, but also your distance, pace, time, and calories burned. Additionally, the watch stores history of up to 50 runs and tracks your personal bests so you are always inspired to push your runs faster and longer. If this isn’t enough inspiration to get you going, the Nike­­+ SportWatch GPS also has a feature that reminds you to run and keeps you motivated.

Nike set out to design a watch that improves runners performance better than any watch ever before, and they achieved their goal with the Nike+ SportWatch GPS.