How NBA Players Train During Long Road Trips


NBA athletes are among the most fit and well-conditioned athletes in the entire world, and a lot of time and hard work goes in to maintaining their peak physical condition. As one could imagine, the task of maintaining their physical and mental game becomes exponentially difficult on long road trips without the amenities of home.

Fatigue is the greatest factor in why long road trips are so difficult for an NBA athlete, and sleep is caught wherever and whenever available. This means that sleeping on the plane, bus, or terminal is very frequent, because as soon as they arrive at the destination it is time to get down to business.

Usually as soon as the team arrives at their destination, they head straight to the opposing team’s arena for a practice and shoot-around.  After that, the players meet with coaches to watch film of the opposing team to talk game strategies. When practice is over, players squeeze in a meal and a nap to let their bodies reenergize.

When game time comes, the players file back into the arena about an hour and a half before the tip-off. Coaches reiterate strategies to the players as they prepare their uniforms and lace up their court shoes, and the players then head to the floor for a pregame shoot-a-round.

After the game is finished, many players may get in a quick weight-lifting session before they hit the showers. Once everyone is ready, it is back to the hotel or airport to start the process all over again in the next city.