Hi vs Lo Going Toe-to-Toe


While everyone in the boxing world has their panties in a bunch waiting for the day Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather choose to fight, there is another fight we would love to see. Although, for obvious reasons, sneakers could never actually get in a fight with one another, if they could, who would be crowned victorious between a high top and a low top? Let’s weigh the two in to see how they would match up.

The low top weighs in quite a bit lighter than the high top, and these two would be in completely different weight classes all together. However, where the low top lacks in size, it makes up in speed. The quick and agile low top can deliver fast blows to the opponent, whether that opponent be a high top sneaker or the blacktop.

The high top would be in the heavyweight class, outweighing the low top by a considerable amount. Although it is indeed not as quick as the low top, the high top makes up for it with its stability and power. If the low top were to corner the high, the high top would have enough stability to endure repeated blows, as well as enough power to perhaps even knock its opponent to the ground.

Where one lacks, the other makes up, so it would be hard to determine a clear-cut winner. It would come down to the temperature of the arena. If it were hot, the low top would hold the advantage and the high top would quickly tire out. However, if it were cold, the low top would be not match for the bulky high top who would be claimed victorious.