Gym Buddies: Benefits of Workout Partners


For gym-goers everywhere, you’ve seen and, unfortunately, heard it before. Excessive grunting followed by the loud clang of weights hitting the ground. It’s the sweaty guy in the squat working out with no spotter. Granted, he’s got to do what he’s got to do, but the gym atmosphere would be a lot more pleasant if he just had a buddy to help him out when his eyes are bigger than his muscles.

Aside from keeping all the gymrats in good spirits, working out with a partner has quite a few benefits. In terms of getting through a workout, there’s virtually no better way than to have a motivator and competitor all rolled into one. Grab a buddy when Godsmack isn’t cutting it.

How does having a workout partner help to motivate you? For starters, it not only helps you to maintain and stick to your workout program, but you’re more likely to work harder when you’re presented with the challenge of keeping up with a partner. If you’ve worked out alone before, it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to just power through the workout from start to finish with no problems.

According to a recent study, participants who exercised with a partner kept going, on average, twice as long as those who toughed it out on their own. So, grab a call up your best friend that’s been bugging you about working out, grab a medicine ball and get to work.