Grandpa’s Favorite Sneakers


We’ve all experienced the scenario at least once in our life; trying to figure out if we should get Grandpa the all grey, the all white, or the all black New Balances. Chances are, he would be happy with any one of those choices, but New Balances aren’t just for Gramps anymore, especially not the 574 Backpack collection.

Available in just about every color under the sun, the New Balance 574 Backpack Men’s Casual Shoe will not have anyone mistaken your feet with Grandpa’s, even if you are both sporting the same model. The more earth-toned colors are ideal for casual outfits, and the more vibrant colors are perfect when you are trying to make a statement. It’s no wonder why Grandpa loves the model in the first place, the ENCAP cushioning provides maximum comfort, and the carbon rubber outsole makes the shoes very durable.

So now that the same shoes that made Grandpa so popular at the senior center are available in a wide array of colors, you can rock the same model and become the most popular guy at the club. Best thing is, you can enjoy the same comfort that Gramps does without the feeling that it is time for your midday nap.