Going Retro With Reebok


The retro sneaker craze is at an all time high, and there’s pretty much nothing on the market right now that is hotter than a pair of some classic retro sneakers. One brand in particular, Reebok, has been supplying us with loads of retro heat as of late. Worn by such athletes as Shawn Kemp, Allen Iverson, and Dominique Wilkins, these shoes will always have a spot in sneaker history as well as in the world of fashion. 

One of the more recent releases from Reebok, the Reebok Kamikaze 2 was perhaps the most famed sneaker worn by Seattle Supersonics Forward Shawn Kemp. The unique paneling used on this shoe was unlike anything we had yet seen, and no shoe prior has been able to duplicate the one of a kind design. Reebok has graced us with classic OG colorways of this model such as the Black/Red version and the Black/White version, as well as all new colorways such as the Geranium/Pure Silver.

Allen Iverson made an impact on the game of basketball that can be compared to no other, thanks to his short stature, quick and fearless moves, and an attitude that was just as big as his passion for the game. He was one of those players you either loved or hated, and even if you hated the man, everyone can pretty much agree that he had some sick signatures from Reebok. AI’s first signature, the Reebok Question, is highly revered as one of the greatest Reebok basketball shoes of all time, which is why many people couldn’t wait for the return of the Reebok Question Mid Black/Gold. Reebok hasn’t only been dropping Question’s lately, and we have also been graced with the Reebok Answer IV. The unique zip-up design of this shoe was not only great for hooping in, but also translated well into street fashion.

Who could forget the Reebok Pump line? Fans of the game of basketball as well as shoe enthusiasts sure have not, so many rejoiced when news that the Reebok Pump Twilight Zone was releasing. These shoes were worn by Dominique Wilkins, the only man to ever defeat Michael Jordan in a Slam Dunk contest, solidifying his place in NBA history. He was an amazing player to watch, which is how he picked up the nickname “Human Highlight Reel”, and Reebok had to hook him up with a signature shoe that was just as amazing to look at. Available in a “Home”, an “Away”, and even a special “Georgia” colorway to commemorate his collegiate career, the Pump Twilight Zone pleased the appetites of retro lovers everywhere.

If you missed out on any of these classic Reebok retros, head on over to while we still have some available. Also, make sure you stay tuned to the blog for more information on future releases from Reebok as well as other brands.