Go Green with St. Patrick


St. Patrick’s Day is surely on its way, and if you’re like us, you’re trying to avoid getting pinched at all costs. Luckily, Finish Line has you covered in that department, because we know how hard it is to get some green gear at this time of the year.

Nike’s been putting out some eye-catching colorways of sneakers lately, so if you were to pick up a green pair of Nike Sequalizer Basketball Crew Socks, you’d not only satisfy the requirements of St. Patty’s Day, but you’d also probably match some kicks in your closet.

It was just heartbreaking to see Notre Dame go undefeated this football season only to lose in the national championship game, but with the basketball team still in contention and looking to make a run, there’s still hope for the Fighting Irish faithful. With the Zephyr Notre Dame Fighting Irish Square Brim Fitted Hat, you can show support for Notre Dame while getting a little green for St. Patrick’s Day.

If you were looking to pick up a new watch and stand out in the process, check out the Shocking Goat Watch Pack. You can use the holiday as an excuse to buy a green watch, and the fact that it’s green gives you all the more reason to be a little flashy and bold.

For just a little something to throw on and take off when St. Patrick’s Day is over and done with, a green set of Sof Sole 45 Inch Flat Laces is the best way to do it. Add a little splash to your kicks, and when it’s March 18th, go back to your old laces and keep the green ones for next year.

It doesn’t stop here, though. FinishLine has these and more, so check out our selection at