Five Reasons to Believe in Kevin Durant


The constant, undying debate around the NBA is who’s on top of the throne. The torch has been passed from a long line of greats to Jordan to Kobe and with the acquisition of his first championship ring, LeBron James. So you’re probably thinking it’s LeBron’s league, right? Wrong, there’s a 6-foot-9 guy balling in tornado alley that’s slowly taking the NBA by storm.

If there has been any confusion as to who we’re referring to, it’s Kevin Durant. He’s been the best at every level of play he’s participated in, so read up as we make our case as to why he’s next up as the NBA’s king.

A Born Winner: In high school, he was an All-American. In college, he was the College Player of the Year, taking his squad to the National Tournament. Now in the NBA, he’s been without-a-doubt the reason for the Oklahoma City Thunder’s success.

Constant Improvement: During the off-season, Kevin Durant is all over YouTube playing in pickup games, so you know he’s not taking any days off from getting even better. Aside from that, although his team has made playoff exits the past three years, they’ve managed to get further each year. The interesting thing about the teams that ousted the Thunder from the playoffs in recent history is that they have all gone on to win the NBA championship.

Versatility: It’s rumored that Durant grew five inches over the summer between 11th and 12th grade, so his style of play has always modeled that of a shorter player. Now standing at 6’9″, he has the game of a guard and size of a forward, and the ability to do pretty much everything at a high level.

Lovable: Extremely humble, reserved, and the consummate professional, it’s hard not to like good ol’ Kevin. You’ve got to admit that nepotism plays a part in making the claim of the league’s best, and with Durant, his likability factor is an integral part.

Potential: What makes the claim of Kevin Durant being the best in the NBA the most ludicrous, and at the same time, the most logical, is his age. Being only 24, the league’s scoring champion the past three years, and arguably still yet to enter his prime, his potential to become an even bigger star is unimaginable.

We could take the easy way out and say Kevin is on his way to the top, but like we said, that’d be too easy. He’s there, and this regular season will surely be his coming-out party. Speaking of coming out, if you plan to come out to one of his games, whether you live in OKC or are checking him out when he comes to your city, you might want to get some OKC Thunder gear to dress appropriately.