Five Entertaining Athletes to Follow on Twitter


Everybody’s got their favorite players that they like to believe can do no wrong. Unfortunately, social media outlets like Twitter have proven that some athletes are more unsavory than others. There are, however, still a multitude of athletes worth following. Here are a few. 

1. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers QB

A true fan of sports himself, Rodgers would otherwise be one of the guys, aside from the fact that he’s an All-Pro quarterback and has a Super Bowl ring. Obviously during the season, his tweetage might diminish, but when he has some downtime, he tends to give his followers a treat.

2. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson – NFL WR


One does not simply change one’s last name to “Ochocinco” and proceed to be taken seriously. Chad Johnson is aware of this and therefore can be a bit careless with his tweets, to his followers enjoyment. 

3. Kevin Love – Minnesota Timberwolves Center


It can’t be easy being holed up in Minnesota, especially with the woes his team has experienced in recent years, but Love still manages to make the most of his time in the North Star State. 

4. Lolo Jones – Track & Field


One of the beauties of Twitter is the transparency and coming to the realization that some of our idols are actually human beings. Lolo never ceases to reveal her down-to-earthness as you can see from her candid tweets and frequent usage of the Vine app. 

5. Nick Swisher – New York Yankees


When you’re one of the biggest prancers in the major leagues, it often translates well when chronicling your daily escapades.

There’s no shortage of boring and mundane tweets, but as we’ve come to realize, that just comes with the territory that is Twitter. Who are some of your favorite athletes to follow?