Finessing Sneaker Shots with iOS 11


With the release of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X comes another iOS update. ???? This update is a giant step for iPhones because it is intuitive and so smart that it learns from its user. It’s capable, powerful, and prides itself on its usefulness. As iOS 11 rolls out, we wanted to break down some key features that might help enhance your sneaker snapping and viewing experience.

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Live Photo Editing

Ever take live photos of your kicks? Check out the new options for editing Live Photos. Now you can mute, trim, and add several different filters. Swipe up on a Live Photo to add a new effect like Bounce, Loop, and add Long Exposure effects. The Long Exposure effect is definitely a new fave ????????. It works best with pictures that don’t have a lot of motion. Imagine photographing your shoes over a bridge. Long Exposure will blur the taillights of the cars at night. Taking your UltraBoost All Terrain Mid LTD out to explore? ???? Try shooting it on a trail so you can see the water flowing over rocks or leaves falling in the background ????.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording might sound like a boring feature, but if you’re ever in need of a quick editing tutorial, then you can hit the homie up and have him walk you through it with this new feature. We’ve added this function to our Control Center for quick access.

WiFi Sharing

How many times have you gone to a new friend’s house and had to ask for the wifi code. Probably 80% of the time, it’s something that’s extra complicated like someone headbutting their keyboard to create the password. ???? Now with the quick password sharing option, if visitors are trying to get onto your network, iPhone will prompt you that someone is trying to connect. If you agree and accept then it will be shared seamlessly. CLUTCH. ✊???? Now you don’t have to type in “KDfh83zY%S” to upload your latest pickups on IG Stories.


GIF Saving

Apple is changing the game with this one. Instead of having to search for gifs every time, save them to the library so you can flame someone in the group chat with the quickness. You’ll never have to reply with “LOL” again because you’ll have that gif fyeeeee in the archives ????????????

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Screenshotting Like a Pro

Now you can add notes and make remarks on screenshots. The option appears on the lower left hand corner after you’ve screenshotted something. Circle a funny comment or underline some facts. You can send and export these without even saving them to your library. Think of all the free storage you’ve freed up. ????

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Hopefully you find uses for all of the features whether it’s for sneaker pics or just pure convenience. Of course, don’t forget to add Low Power Mode in your Control Center. It’s easier to access there and will help extend your browsing time on IG and Snap. Head to for your next pair of kicks to stunt on the ‘Gram.